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Downtown LA photo spots?

Does anybody know some spots in downtown LA where i can take some shots of the skyline? Parking Lots? Roof tops?

— 9 months ago
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I hate that I gain back the weight that i lost .. So disappointed on my self…

Stop eating fat bitch!!!!!


— 10 months ago
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Why cant my bf…

Why cant my bf of 7yrs ever take me to Disneyland? He has never been there and never wants to go. I always dream of going with the guy i love enjoying a day with him at the happiest place on earth especially during Christmas time. Is it to much to ask?

Why cant he ever plan a date somewhere romantic or somewhere fun? Instead of me doing all the planning?

Why can’t he ever take me on a trip? Instead of promising me why cant he just do it?

For once why cant he give me a gift for my birthday/anniversary/or christmas on the exact day instead of weeks or months that past by? Its just not the same.

Why cant he ever give me flowers just for the heck of it? Im a sucker for flowers.

Why cant you be fun? I want to feel for once like a queen like you appreciate me. I have spoiled you why cant you do the same?

Sometimes i get jealous of my friends when they tell me their bf is taking them on a trip, gave them flowers, or just gave them something small.

I want to be that girl too, I’ve only dated you all these years why cant you be that.

Maybe its time to let go and find me that wonderful guy.
And why I’m i still with you?

— 10 months ago with 1 note
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I’m going to start applying this to everyday life.

But did you die?

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